If you would like to order a picture or pictures from mcpowell.com, please send an email to the above email address. Include the following:

1) Image number and the gallery where you found it. This way I can locate the picture on my computer.

2) Let me know which child is yours as it may effect the way I crop your picture.

3) Let me know the size of each picture, and the quantity of prints. (Example: 2 each 5x7 of image _x8B1234 from YMCA Beat vs YMCA Courage 11-12-05)

Please note, the pictures on the site are optimized for online viewing, not for printing. The original files are much larger and should print out very nicely. Due to limited bandwidth and online storage I will periodically delete the older venues. If you think I have pictures of your child, but have not posted them or have taken them offline, please contact me via email or phone and I'll try to help you out.

Before I send you a print, I will straighten the horizon, crop to taste, color correct and sharpen the image. What you see online is straight from the camera with no post processing; the final product is typically much nicer. If I am not satisfied with the final results of a picture, I will contact you prior to mailing.

If you find your child in one of my pictures in a gallery and you would like me to delete that picture from my site, please send an email to the above address. I will get to it asap. Please be sure to include the image number and where you found it. I do not want anyone's picture here against their wishes.



4x6 $8.00 each
5x7 $10.00 each
6x9 $15.00 each
8x10 $20.00 each
Up to 12x18 $35.00 each
12x18 with text $45.00 each
16x24 $50.00 each
16x24 with text $55.00 Sample
18x24 same as 16x24 pricing

I can also do a 20x30 custom poster/collage for you if I have enough quality pictures of your child. See examples here. If you want a custom poster, you should call me and let's discuss the details. Prices start at $200.

When you place your order, please indicate whether you prefer to pay by check or via paypal. I will reply to your email with your order confirmation and either provide you my mailing address or Paypal account. Upon receipt of payment, I will process your order.


Copyright Information:
All photographs in this gallery are subject to copyrights of mcpowell.com and are protected by the Copyright Law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code) and by the Berne Convention. Reproduction, storage or transmittal by any means, of any image on this web site, whole or in part, is prohibited without express prior written permission. Prints purchased from this gallery may not be reproduced or scanned for any reason and may only be used for personal display. If you wish to publish or reproduce the materials in any physical or digital form or use them for any commercial purpose, including display or Web page use, you must obtain prior written permission from mcpowell.com.